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Delhi Beer Quarto

Cheers! Beer can help you lose weight:-


Swapping two glasses of red a night for a pint of beer can help people lose weight, according to a new study.


Research by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has shown that drinking beer rather than wine could mean losing almost 10lb in a year. And by ditching alcopops for beer, people could end up 19lb lighter.


Beer contains fewer calories than wine - although around a third of people mistakenly believe beer has more calories than other drinks, says the study.


A glass of white wine contains an average 131 calories - 46 more than a half of bitter, with 85.


Changing drinks for just a week would burn off more calories than an hour's jogging.


"For years beer has been blighted by a reputation for being more fattening," the Sun quoted brewing expert Prof Charlie Bamforth as saying.


An insight into the Beer World:-


Did you know that Beer is the world's oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage and the third most popular drink overall after water and tea.And your favorite beer comes in a lot of different tastes & textures. Well if you were unaware of that, we would be only too pleased to widen your horizons for you. There are literally hundreds of styles to choose from. But for convenience sake we will just look on the larger picture, leaving out the intricate part. Broadly speaking beer is of 3 Types-

Ales: Ale can be bitter and spicy or malty and sweet. They can also be any color and strength..Best gels with any food that is full of flavor (grilled fish or sharp cheeses).

Lagers: Named after its founder, Louis Lager, this drink is characterized mainly by its prominent malt and hops flavor. Are generally sweet and spicy; bright, clear in color, and have a collar of foam around the glass. It best goes with spicy foods (pizza, Mexican, Indian, and even seafood).

Specialty beers: comprise of a category of beer from Wheat Beer to stout to potter! The listing doesn't end here.