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Party Pangs

Partying for parting: Now throw break-up bashes:-


Move over valentine's bashes or anniversary celebrations. The break up party is the hottest thing doing rounds in the party circle.


Post a divorce party thrown by musician Jack White and his wife, the 'break up party' topic did its media rounds. And surprise surprise! The idea seemed to be a tried and tested one. Lounge and club managers claimed to have got requests to host such parties and DJ's said that each couple had a customized play list. So is India gearing up for the latest party trend?

Bollywood toyed with the break up party concept in the movie 'Love Aaj Kal' where Jai and Meera (Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone) decide on a mutual breakup to pursue their careers. For the couple, the break up seemed so practical and logical and they decide to have a party to celebrate it. Their friends are seen having a tough time buying the ex-couple gifts for the party.


So what gifts do you give a couple who have broken up or have recently gotten divorced? Definitely no photo frames or anything heart shaped! A list of available singles in the area might do the trick. And the DJ is probably warned to not play any song that might get the couple all teary eyed and nostalgic. And the friends are asked strictly to talk about how the couple are complete

misfits and simply should not stay together. For starters this should kick off a good party.


Studies say that to party away break up blues is perfectly valid. But should you and your ex-beau be partying the blues away together?


As the trend goes- it does not seem to be bothering us the least. The reason to break up must have been much more lethal than things going wrong between the couple at the break-up party. No fights, no tears and no high end drama – that is great relief for the friends who attend the bash. Some great music, insane dancing and we are all set to go!


So…if there was a list of 'to do's and 'not to do's for a party of this sort- what would it look like?

'To do' and 'Not to do'-


  • Call all friends. Common friends mostly.
  • No ex flames. Dealing with one ex is bad enough really!
  • No common gifts please! They aren't together any more so they need nothing in common.
  • List reasons as to why the couple are better off by themselves. It could be rather hilarious.
  • Take an effort. It's a proper party. Not a mild dinner and drinks. Go all out to have fun and make sure the couple have it too!
  • Tell the DJ what to play and what to avoid like virus. No one wants to show the couple what they will be missing. That is not the point!


    Fine he broke your heart and she hates your mother. But no confrontations please. Lets shake hands walk away decently.


    We all admit that breaking up is hard to do, but what if it comes with a party? Would that make the heart ache bearable? We don't know for sure, but a 'party' does sound like fun!