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Sartoria: By Manika Oberoi

I must confess that with the kind of negative publicity this place gets I had never ever tried to visit this place, although this place is perched comfortably in the heart of Basant Lok Market. This weekend I went there with couple of my friends. The experience though wasn't bad but when you go out you look for good times. Sartoria claims to serve Italian delicacies. I tried the pasta dish and my friend tried a veg. pizza. My other friend tried chicken soup and but she didn't like the taste. Although the portions were served in good quantity but when you do not like the taste it doesn't serve any purpose. Read More...

Live Bar: By Aastha Jain

I went to Live Bar a few days back. Actually we accidentally discovered that place. But since that place is owned by the same people who own QB'A we decided to give it a shot. Well I must say, it is one of those places which have the best ambience. Since I am a music lover, music makes hell lot of a difference to me. And if you get to listen to your favorite songs in a row, at a place where it is quite unlikely, it heightens your joy.

The walls are graced with the still pictures of stars from the famous movie Godfather. Coming to the food, I was a little   Read More...

Now Throw Break-Up Bashes

Move over valentine's bashes or anniversary celebrations. The break up party is the hottest thing doing rounds in the party circle.

Post a divorce party thrown by musician Jack White and his wife, the 'break up party' topic did its media rounds. And surprise surprise! The idea seemed to be a tried and tested one. Lounge and club managers claimed to have got requests to host such parties and DJ's said that each couple had a customized play list. So is India gearing up for the latest party trend?

Bollywood toyed with the break up party concept in the movie 'Love Aaj Kal' where Jai and Meera (Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone) decide on a mutual breakup to pursue their careers. For the couple, the break up seemed   Read More...

Cheers! Beer can help you lose weight

Swapping two glasses of red a night for a pint of beer can help people lose weight, according to a new study.

Research by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has shown that drinking beer rather than wine could mean losing almost 10lb in a year. And by ditching alcopops for beer, people could end up 19lb lighter.

Beer contains fewer calories than wine - although around a third of people mistakenly believe beer has more calories than other drinks, says the study.   Read More...